Why Use a Designer?      

An interior designer is a trained professional who creates functional and quality interior environments. We are qualified through education, experience, and NCIDQ examination. A professional interior designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues to design and still maintain a healthy, comfortable and safe environment.  

Recommending furniture, fabrics and colors is only a small aspect of what we, as designers do. Not only do we have a vast knowledge of products, materials and finishes, but we also have the training and expertise to not only plan, but also schedule, execute and manage a project from start to finish.

Wouldn’t you like to plan your dream home, sit back, and watch someone else handle the hectic work?

Think of a designer as the maestro and a design project as an orchestra. We work closely with many vendors, contractors and other service providers to coordinate and orchestrate the entire design team.  Attempting to do something as seemingly uncomplicated as selecting coordinated fixtures for a home or even choosing interior finishes that work well together can be very overwhelming due to the vast number of choices. Researching and shopping for fixtures, furniture and accessories can be very time consuming. Having someone help you along the way, who knows how to select and source these products, can save you a lot of time.

While architects are able to design a structure as a whole, it is important for consultants, such as interior designers, to be a part of the process. It is impossible for architects to be experts in everything that is involved in building a home. Throughout this process, we will use our expertise to refine interior spaces to a high level of aesthetic quality and comfort. Keeping the interior in mind while designing a home will prevent you from having to force the interior spaces to work, due to the architecture.

Here are some of the skills Interior Designers possess: