Design Services

Beverly Taylor Design offers a full range of residential and commercial services focusing on creating elegant, functional and inviting living and working environments that are unique for each client.

It is our philosophy that effective design enhances the quality of life and that different tastes, styles and design challenges result in distinctive solutions and make each project exciting.

Client rapport is essential, helping make the design process enjoyable and resulting in an environment that is inviting and distinctive.

Beverly Taylor Design offers residential and commercial design services.
In residential design we provide three different design service options:
By offering a menu of design fee choices, we feel that you can choose what feels more comfortable for you in regards to budget and involvement. Hourly design consulting remains the preferred approach but that is beginning to change as others appreciate the known quantity of a value-based or fixed project fee (priced based on the scope of the design, budget, preference information) for more involved work. For those that want to be more hands-on and still get a custom designed look, we offer a third service called- Internet Interiors.